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About Me



In 2010, my daughter and I took some cake decorating classes at our local craft store as a fun way to spend time together. After the class, we started making cakes together as gifts for family and friends for their celebrations and to continue our time together. Our business organically grew from these humble beginnings. Since shes always been called the princess and I’m the queen we decided to name our business Royalty Sweet Shoppe, LLC.


My daughter has since married and moved 600 miles away but she continues the tradition of making cakes and other sweet treats for her local family and friends.


I continue to pour into the community here and strive to make the desserts at your celebrations something to remember. Thank you to all who have supported us through the years. Many of you have seen the evolution of our skills, have been with us through our growth and we appreciate your support and encouragement along our journey. Those of you just joining me, I can’t wait to have you jump on board and let me make your memorable sweet treat and see where the next steps take us.


Thank you for your support! We appreciate and love each and every one of you. Many blessings.


-Barbara Williford, Owner of Royalty Sweet Shoppe, LLC

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